About Trust Exchange

It’s a new, networked digital world.

Get ready for a radical approach to the exchange of vital data and information between and across all areas of your ecosystem.

The emergence and adoption of social technologies has led to the establishment of a novel and rapidly evolving collaborative economy. Businesses have lagged behind consumers in the adoption of technology, creating internal and external communication gaps. 

It’s time to change that.

We are the leading platform for Business Information Gateways, covering business-critical B2B processes, meeting client demand for high availability, visibility, efficiency, and security. 

We strike to continuously innovate to provide a better way to manage the information and communication complexities in today’s digital ecosystems. 

A radical approach to the exchange of vital data and information between all areas of the logistics ecosystem. We provide visibility into vital data to harmonize and simplify your business, creating more actionable opportunities for growth.  Trust Exchange is eliminating traditional communication silos to accelerate businesses; promoting coordinated action and improved decision-making across organizations.

Businesses Need Information They Can Trust

Engaging, verifying and monitoring business information is exceedingly complex. Today, enterprises try to manage this complexity with multiple linear solutions that fail in a digital exponential world.

Trust Exchange streamlines operational information processes so companies stay on top of information change that allows companies to connect, collect, and directly exchange mission critical business information.

Our Team

Edward Sullivan


Edward is a serial entrepreneur and investor, and accomplished executive with over 20 years of experience building and managing technology driven companies. He has raised over $70M in private equity and created $700M in exits for investors and shareholders across 5 companies. Edward was the Founder and CEO of Aria Systems, an on demand billing and customer management platform, and LaserLink.net, the world’s first and largest Virtual Internet Service Provider.  He has worked closely with many large companies as either a customer or partner including Apple, HP, IBM, Disney, Dreamworks, SONY, Cisco, CSC, VMWare and EMC.

Susan Kamins


Susan is a change leadership professional with 25+ years of experience building customer and technology functions for startup business enterprises, evolving non-profits and newly launched governmental programs. She began her career as an environmental scientist and became interested in business leadership in sustainability while working to help companies meet regulatory requirements. She soon realized that a lack of timely, accessible information is a pervasive problem. This brought Susan to Trust Exchange, where her customer success team helps organizations of all sizes, sectors, and industries collaboratively exchange information to build trust in business relationships.

Claude Tolbert

Vice President of Business Development

Claude Tolbert is a senior technology executive creating value by defining priorities, developing sound competitive strategy, and leading companies to profitable organic and inorganic growth. Over the past three decades, his expertise in finance, operations, and execution of mission-critical, enterprise-level initiatives has led to value creation for public and private companies. Mr.Tolbert’s responsibilities have included business development, negotiating strategic distribution agreements, M&A transactions, and product development partnerships. Claude received his bachelor's degree from Harvard College and earned an MBA from the Stanford Graduate School of Business.  In addition to his duties with Trust Exchange, he currently serves on the Board of Directors for Utility Telecom Group in Stockton, CA.

Jim Mahoney

Vice President of Finance

Jim is responsible for the finance accounting and risk management aspects of Trust Exchange. He brings over 40 years of finance experience from a variety of industries including pharmaceutical, supply chain management, as well as financial services. Prior to joining Trust Exchange Jim worked as a consultant to the company since its founding in 2012. Jim’s prior employment includes progressively senior roles at a variety of Philadelphia based companies. Jim holds a Masters in Taxation from the Villanova University Charles Widger School of Law and a Bachelor’s degree in accounting from St Joseph’s University, Philadelphia

Madeline Sullivan

Digital Marketing

Madeline is a Digital Marketing Professional with a specialty in b2b. She has a background in social media management, PR, Strategy, Content & messaging, and marketing execution. She previously had a career in clinical research management where she was astounded by the outdated technology standard to the medical field. Coming from a field with a high regulatory burden, she immediately saw the value in Trust Exchange’s platform.