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Supplier Management & Diversity

Improve the planning and fulfillment processes between your company and the businesses that supply you with products and services.

Vendor evaluation and selection of both existing and new partners/suppliers broadly relies on knowledge silos, individual subject matter experts, and reactionary response to crises. RFx processes generate heavy workloads to process responses, especially when comparing multiple submissions.

The Challenge

No easy way to conduct due diligence on all partners to ensure that their level of compliance is continuously maintained at levels mandated by your organization.

Our Approach

Trust Exchange automates the manual processes of due diligence and other evaluation proforma, enabling a more efficient flow of business critical information between vendors, suppliers and third parties.

The Solution

Easily communicate and update your requirements and process information in an easy to use “self service” profile that compares vendor abilities against your needs.

Regulatory Compliance

Eliminate inefficiencies and redundancies by aligning your policy standards, regulation, and controls.

Rapidly changing regulations and management software complexity is driving operations costs higher and higher.

The Challenge

Compliance responsibilities confined in siloed departments make it difficult to share information across functional lines.

Our Approach

Trust Exchange enables business users to easily build private or public networks that facilitate the exchange of information across the organization and with suppliers and third parties.

The Solution

Quickly and easily configure dashboards and sharing groups as a part of an out-of-the-box solution, providing a single compliance on-ramp for approved stakeholders. Permissions can be granted granularly for subgroups and broadly for all access requirements, maximizing efficiency and security.

Compliance of Things

Identify potential gaps and risks by quickly matching policies to regulations, risks, and alert triggers.

Regulatory and legal compliance affects every aspect of our lives. Schools, day care centers, hazmat sites, and commercial buildings all must navigate the complexities of compliance documentation.  

When this information is organized and transparent, you can quickly identify missing requirements of individual employees, full departments, or the entire company.  This data should always be readily available in times of emergency for first responders and emergency services organizations.

The Challenge

No easy way to exchange data so multiple people end up chasing down the same information, or spending too much time juggling regulators, meetings, and granular information requests.

Our Approach

By delivering a centralized, unified view of compliance business information while connecting suppliers and third parties directly to a vendor’s compliance profile, redundant information requests and inefficiencies are all but eliminated.

The Solution

Core functionality of a social network is key. The ability to subscribe and set alerts to a profile, and for the profile owner to broadcast those policies to all of its followers solves the multi-channel “one-to-many” communications slowdown inherent in compliance navigation.

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