Trust Exchange Announces Partnership with Strategic Risk Associates

Strategic Risk Associates enhances Watchtower’s vendor management platform, now powered by Trust Exchange

June 7, 2022 – Trust Exchange, a collaborative compliance platform, today announced that it is
launching a partnership with Strategic Risk Associates (SRA), to offer a secure and scalable vendor
information management solution to their clients. SRA is a leading provider of integrated risk and
performance management software (Watchtower) and consulting solutions. SRA’s proprietary
technology and methodology was designed and built “by bankers, for bankers” enabling clients to
navigate risk and drive growth.

SRA’s vendor management platform will feature a powerful information management capability
powered by Trust Exchange technology. Trust Exchange’s groundbreaking platform allows companies
to build secure, customizable networks in order to connect, collect and directly exchange mission
critical business information in real-time. Through the power of Trust Exchange’s platform, SRA
customers will now be able to automate, monitor, and manage their third-party vendor risk in real-

“SRA is led by a team of bank executives with deep experience in risk management,” says Edward
Sullivan, CEO of Trust Exchange. “The melding of their experience and risk management leadership
with Trust Exchange’s Collaborative Compliance platform will bring an entirely new way for financial
institutions to manage their third party risk.”


“We’re excited to partner with Trust Exchange and be able to offer their innovative platform to our
customers.” says David Dean, Chief Strategy Officer of SRA. “Trust Exchange is reinventing the
compliance space with their collaborative cloud technology. With this partnership, our customers
will have even more tools to automate their risk management and compliance processes.”
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About Trust Exchange
Trust Exchange is a business information gateway that allows for the exchange and verification of
mission-critical information with partners, suppliers and third parties. Trust Exchange is a cloud-
based, secure, and scalable platform with high configurability and customization. With a unique
approach of peer 2 peer crowdsourcing, Trust Exchange allows customers to automate compliance
and regulatory management with high accuracy and real-time data. Trust Exchange is currently
serving financial institutions, government, and businesses nationwide.
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About Strategic Risk Associates
Strategic Risk Associates (SRA) is a technology solutions provider and risk management consulting
practice serving the Financial Services, Insurance and Technology industries. SRA’s proprietary
technology and methodology was designed and built “by bankers, for bankers” enabling clients to
navigate risk and drive growth. SRA Watchtower is a risk intelligence and intuitive performance
management platform built to continuously inform, enlighten, and empower banking executives
and boards. SRA has helped hundreds of banks effectively navigate through significant risk events
since the 2008 financial crisis. Learn more here.