CBAK New Endorsed Partner:

Trust Exchange

With ever changing regulations, Trust Exchange helps banks keep pace. Trust Exchange is a cloud-based, secure, and scalable third party risk management platform with high configurability and customization. 

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10:45 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. General Session
» Building Resilience in the Face of Regulatory Uncertainty:

A C-Level Discussion – Ed Sullivan, Trust Exchange

About Trust Exchange


Timely and actionable dashboards creating visibility throughout the organization. Create custom monitoring criteria and risk policies that can be monitored automatically.


Provides information across the organization in the form of real time alerts, daily summaries and a hierarchy of dashboards and reporting.  Reports include company profile reports, policy checklist status and history reports, list and portfolio activity reports and board level program metrics.

Real-Time Alerts and Verfications

Timeline events can be verified internally or by additional third parties based on role or responsibility.  These verifications are stored securely and are easily auditable. Verifiers can monitor companies they are responsible for in dashboards and receive alerts about new events requiring review.

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