The Digital Municipality by Trust Exchange

Trust Exchange is a secure scalable platform that hosts and connects municipal and business communities that share commonality and purpose to achieve targeted outcomes.

Trust Exchange leverages network effects and crowd sourced data to solve complex challenges and adjacent issues. We jointly build trust within a municipality’s defined ecosystem to ensure predictable safe outcomes. In today’s challenging environment it often means using technology to deliver connected solutions that minimize contact and exposure. For a municipality it translates to driving safe and low touch data driven transactions internally and with defined partners.

The municipality platform is anchored by our Fire Safety module which includes a database of public and commercial buildings with the following:

  • Tracking and data sharing with ecology of stakeholders for fire inspection including documents, photos, links, due dates, details, etc., with alerts for submissions, violations, ticklers
  • User customizable dashboard(s) organization
  • User configured on demand reporting on individual sites (Buildings), groups of sites, overall program metrics including data summaries, compliance status, compliance history
  • Private notes logging with sharing, alerts
  • Private communications logging with sharing, alerts
  • Up loadable/Downloadable document library with broad or granular permissions
  • Broadcast policies, communications (logged, shared, w alerts)
  • Subscribable policy library for monitoring & alerts
  • Mobile Access to real time data
  • Form library for submissions


The Outcomes:

  • Builds TRUST that you have captured and tracked critical data on public and commercial buildings based on defined profiles that can be presented in a dashboard fashion.
  • TRUST that that critical data can be accessed by first responders when engaged in an active event.
  • TRUST that the municipality has prioritized low contact, highly efficient data farming to enhance their safety posture.
  • Build TRUST with the community that you are proactively enhancing their safety complexion.


Once established additional Modules are easily developed and added on to solve adjacent problems including:

  • Pandemic Policies 
  • Supports Participating Adjacent Municipalities
  • Utility Service Updates
  • License and Inspections


  • Small Cell deployment 
  • B to B Directory Service
  • Applications/Form Management
  • Third Party Management


Let us better define the future of Fire Safety in a connected world.