Putnam County

Digitize Airbnb & VRBO licensing with Trust Exchange.

Trust Exchange provides a platform for property owners to submit their application, upload documents, and track their application status with full transparency every step of the way. It provides a space for government officials to manage tasks, collaborate, verify, and certify licensing to provide property owners with a better user experience and ultimately, a better government. 

Eliminate Manual Processes

In this day and age, there is no reason for slow, manual processes. No more mailing, emailing, or faxing documents. Speed up the application process, and reduce cost. We have created an end-to-end digital process for application submission, processing and license, permit, or certificate issuance. With our platform, property managers and home owners can:

  • Receive Reminders their application is due
  • Submit application and support documentation fully online and hassle-free
  • Receive and respond to communications and document requests from the county clerk and various departmental approvers
  • Track their application status
  • Download their license, permit, or certificate once they are approved and the clerk has uploaded it
  • Manage multiple properties with one dashboard

Increase Collaboration

Trust Exchange removes information silos and allows county officials to collaborate and communicate within our platform, providing property owners with a more efficient, user friendly government. County clerks, fire safety inspectors, tax assessors, sheriffs, etc. can submit their certification, communicate within the app, and receive and send alerts. They can also: 

  • View application status, and access docuements
  • Receive alerts and reminders about application workflow items letting
    them know what they need to do at various points during processing.
  • Generate reports showing events, processing status and overall program metrics
  • Broadcast information to property owners and managers as bulk communications
  • Communicate internally within the county and communicate privately with the business or property owner
    and/or manager/agent
  • Have all events, communications, and documents in one portal to review with ease, compliant with data preservation requirements in Freedom of Information Act
  • Publicly post the license, permit, or certificate on the rental profile, while keeping applications,
    background checks, etc. secure and private.


Use Case: Putnam County

Putnam County, GA is a beautiful area where tourism of their lakes is a significant portion of their revenue. Trust Exchange has successfully helped Putnam County fully digitize their manual Airbnb & VRBO licensing process. Previously, the county clerk was overburdened, having trouble keeping up with demand. Now: 

  • The county clerk can look at her dashboard to see if the application has been completed with real time updates 
  • No more waiting on calls and emails to check for status updates
  • No more nagging, system will send push notifications for approvers who are behind schedule
  • Integrated messaging between approvers and customers
  • Full transparency between county and property owners on status of application. Property owners and managers can log in to the Trust Exchange Portal and check for themselves
  • Reduced paper waste and ecological footprint
  • More secure transfer and storage of information through portal instead of email
  • All exchanges are now logged and audit trailed, in one easy place to retrieve for  government data preservation purposes
  • Property owners and managers can now manage certification requirements for all properties in a single dashboard