Trust Exchange Reveals Spring 2022 Release to Power Partnerships and Speeds Time to Revenue

April 5, 2022

Trust Exchange Spring 2022 Release focuses on partner enablement. Partnerships are a key part of the Trust Exchange ecosystem and the Spring 2022 release provides more tools for branding, integration, implementation, and scale. The goal with this new release is to enable Trust Exchange professional service partners to embed their expertise, scale their operations, and grow recurring revenue.

Trust Exchange, a collaborative compliance platform, today announced its Spring 2022 release is live and is focused on partner scale. The Spring ’22 release features options for deeper integration, white labeling, and an expanded functionality for partners to build custom policies and business rules.

The Compliance Industry is powered by a deep and wide network of professional service experts which makes onboarding partners a key component to the Trust Exchange collaborative compliance platform. With an extensive new library of events and checklists, partners will now have a plug-and-play experience that can be customized specifically for their use case and customer type. Partners can easily segment and sub-segment their networks to designate event types, privacy settings, and checklists. Custom networks make it possible for any type of user to have a bespoke network ecology that is configured rapidly.

“Trust Exchange is part of a new breed of software platforms that utilize network effects to solve data problems,” says Edward Sullivan, CEO of Trust Exchange. “Most modern information challenges are exponential problems that can’t be solved with traditional linear solutions: people, email, spreadsheets, etc. Network-powered solutions are 10x faster to deploy, 10x more flexible, and 10x more cost-effective. Via Trust Exchange, organizations can create their own custom networks to solve various problems. Our partner program is designed to incentivize network participants such as validators, curators, and facilitators to build and monetize their existing products and services.”

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About Trust Exchange

Trust Exchange is a business information gateway that allows for the exchange and verification of mission-critical information with partners, suppliers, and third parties. Trust Exchange is a cloud-based, secure, and scalable platform with high configurability and customization. With a unique approach of peer 2 peer crowdsourcing, Trust Exchange allows customers to automate compliance and regulatory management with high accuracy and real-time data. Trust Exchange is currently serving financial institutions, government, and businesses nationwide.

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