Trust Exchange Expands Their Financial Service Offerings by Teaming With CBIZ Risk Advisory Services Group

May 18, 2022

Trust Exchange announces its official collaboration with CBIZ Credit Risk Advisory Services Group (“CBIZ CRAS”) to bring new products and services to its client base.

PHILADELPHIA, May 18, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Today, Trust Exchange announces its official collaboration with CBIZ Credit Risk Advisory Services Group (“CBIZ CRAS”) to bring new products and services to its client base. Customers of Trust Exchange will now have access to a variety of products and services offered by CBIZ CRAS, a national practice servicing the needs of institutional lenders, funds, and investors. Through CBIZ CRAS, Trust Exchange will soon be able to provide vendor risk reports, risk advisory services, vendor risk analysis, and more.

Trust Exchange’s Collaborative Compliance platform enables companies to connect, collaborate and exchange key business information. The platform has been used by banks, pharmaceutical companies, and local governments to more effectively manage their compliance requirements, proactively track and monitor the vendors in their supply chains and gain operational scalability.

“As the surge of government risk and compliance requirements accelerates, organizations of all sizes and industries will be searching for ways to cost effectively implement comprehensive solutions not available from a single source,” said Edward Sullivan, CEO and Founder of Trust Exchange. “We see marketplace-based collaboration as the best way to reduce cost and increase compliance readiness.”

“The opportunity to collaborate with Trust Exchange and use their vendor risk management platform is a great way to offer customized vendor risk management tools in a cost effective manner to the thousands of organizations that need these solutions,” said James McDonald, Managing Director of the CBIZ Credit Risk Advisory Service practice.

“CBIZ CRAS is excited to expand our relationship with Trust Exchange and to provide our services to them and their customer base. We look forward to exploring the various opportunities between the two organizations, which we think will be beneficial to both parties and their customers,” said Michael Aquino, Lead Managing Director of the CBIZ Credit Risk Advisory.

About Trust Exchange

Trust Exchange is a business information gateway that allows for the exchange and verification of mission-critical information with partners, suppliers and third parties. Trust Exchange allows customers to automate compliance and regulatory management with high accuracy and real-time data. Trust Exchange is currently serving financial institutions, governments, and businesses nationwide.

About CBIZ

CBIZ, Inc. is a leading provider of financial, insurance and advisory services to businesses throughout the United States. Financial services include accounting, tax, government healthcare consulting, transaction advisory, risk advisory, and valuation services. Insurance services include employee benefits consulting, retirement plan consulting, property and casualty insurance, payroll, and human capital consulting. With more than 100 Company offices in 32 states, CBIZ is one of the largest accounting and insurance brokerage providers in the U.S. For more information, visit

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