Trust Exchange Launches New Service to Streamline Local Government Compliance

July 13, 2021

Trust Exchange, a collaborative compliance platform, today announced that it is launching a new service to help local governments streamline licensing, inspections, and compliance. Trust Exchange’s new service will help governments who traditionally don’t have access to enterprise class software due to prohibitive costs. This application will be the first in a series of tools designed to help local governments digitally transform government interactions with businesses that are laden with manual inefficiencies. Together, these applications will help local governments increase effectiveness, reduce cost, and optimize revenue.

“There are almost 90,000 local governments in the United States and the vast majority of them don’t have the budget or staff to purchase and manage sophisticated software platforms.” According to Edward Sullivan, CEO and founder of Trust Exchange, “This is a huge problem that can impact small town budgets, operations, and public safety.  By utilizing Trust Exchange, local governments can leverage modern social network technologies used to build companies such as Uber, AirBnB and Waze. Consumers have been quick to adopt crowd-powered marketplaces that provide faster information and better experiences, however, organizations such as businesses and governments have been slow to make this transition.”

With Trust Exchange, local governments will be able to create their own collaborative network where business owners will be able to apply for and monitor their applications for county regulated licenses, such as liquor licenses and lodging permits, directly through Trust Exchange’s platform. TE’s network solution will reduce the workflow burden on local governments, decrease wait times for business owners, and increase revenue. Trust Exchange’s groundbreaking platform allows companies to build secure, customizable networks in order to connect, collect and directly exchange mission critical business information in real-time.  Currently serving financial institutions and pharmaceutical industries, Trust Exchange is expanding its offering to include governments.

One of the first counties in the United States to adopt this platform is Putnam County, GA which has been on the forefront of leveraging technology to provide effective and efficient local government services to its citizens. Paul Van Haute, Putnam’s County Manager, said, “I am extremely happy with the relationship between Putnam County, GA and Trust Exchange.  Trust Exchange created a more interactive and real time customer service experience that saved time and money.  Since we started working with Trust Exchange and their creative team, Putnam County and the business community licensing process has become extremely efficient.”

Putnam County, GA is located in the central portion of Georgia with a population of 21,218 people. Since the late nineties, the county has experienced a housing boom and fifty percent increase in population.

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About Trust Exchange

Trust Exchange is a platform that allows organizations of all sizes and industries to build secure, customizable networks in order to connect, collect, and directly exchange mission critical information in real-time. Through “Network Effect Mechanics”, our platform creates opportunities for more direct collaboration. Via this crowd-powered platform, we are building a new marketplace for information.